About Us

GT Storage are a family run business based in Rhuddlan, North Wales.

Established in 2004, we have an expansive knowledge of container storage, lock up storage and secure compund parking storage.

Each container that we supply is a secure empty box, however you may feel it necessary to have shelving, lighting, water and other facilities within it.

  • We are able to supply electricity to your container
  • We are able to supply water to your container
  • We can organise joiners to fit shelving or supply pre-built shelves
  • We can, within reason, modify containers to suit your needs

Storage of hazardous materials are not permitted without prior consent such as flammable liquids, acids, corrosive chemicals , explosive substances, flammable compressed gasses or liquids, poisonous substances or any other type of hazardous substances. Illegal substances or materials will not be permitted under any circumstances.